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I started to became interested on parodinal since talking to Jay Javier from the phillipines on apug, discussing the availability or more specifically the unavailability of developers in both of our country. Although there is a affordable locally made developer said to be a copy of kodak’s d76 formula, but the prospect of making my own developer and freeing myself from dependence to the manufacturer still make home made parodinal a interesting thing.

my first try with Meicy ends in disaster, as unknowingly we get one of the ingredients wrong. By the way for this first try we used Donald qualls formula on the digital truth.

As the formula states one of the ingredients is sodium sulfite but what we get is sodium sulphate, luckily I notice the fault before we tested it on film.

A few more email exchange with Jay (a lot actually) and a search on other chemical store, I finally found all the ingredients and add to that got the ingredients for the fixer formula Jay gave.

The first batch of parodinal using generic paracetamol tablets used to develop lucky SHD 100 that I buy specially for testing the solution.

1:50 parodinal @ 20C

11 minute developing with full agitation for the first 2 minutes, and for one minute every 2 minutes after that.

1:3 vinegar and water for stop bath.

Fixed for 3 minutes.

Washing aid for one minute.

Wash under running water.

and when i opened the tank, it turns out my tank loading technique is very rusty, some film got stuck together and ruining some frames. but as the objective is only to test the PaRodinal i can live with that 🙂 i scanned some of the frame at the Lab, but it looks like their scanner is either dirty or malfunctions, so the scanned images have severe banding on them.

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