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Cheap Nikon F mount to Canon EOS lens adapter

I’ve just received my cheap lens adapter for my Nikon lenses so they can be used on my Canon 300D, I’ve got it for approximately US$15, the quality is quite good actually although i don’t have any other adapter to compare it with. this adapter will allow me to use my existing array of Nikon lenses (haha..). i got it from this website

the US$15 Nikon F mount to Canon EOS lens adapter*

Canon 300D with Nikkor 200mm f 4 mounted*

the Nikon lenses i use on my F2 are an old style 50mm f 1.4, an auto focus 28mm f 2.8, and 200mm f 4. not the best Nikon lenses i know, but it will be fun using them on my 300D, especially the 200, since i rarely use it on film, i think it will be very interesting to experiment. the other lens that i think would be very useful is the 28 as the equivalent focal length will be close to my favorite length, the “venerable 50”

samples (all the images are shot wide open and i think there are some camera shake on the 28mm sample):

(50mm sample)

Joedith captured with AF nikkor 28mm 1 : 2.8 D on 300D with adapter

captured with AF nikkor 28mm 1 : 2.8 D on 300D with adapter

Joedith captured with nikkor 200mm 1 : 4 on 300D with adapter

I’d say all the lens performs admirably, considering the lens condition are far from perfect, all of them had different amount of fungus due to the humidity. the colors and tone are outstanding, i like especially the 200, if not for the 2 m / 7 ft closest focusing distance, it would be a very nice portrait lens. the 28 is nice as it is small, light, a perfect match for the 300D, and as stated above the equivalent focal length is prefect for me, at least now i have a very good reason to stop lusting over either the EF 24, 28, or 35. I don’t think the 50 will get much use, as i already have the EF version.

*camera and adapter pictures shot with Joedith’s Canon 1000D with Pentax SMC 50mm f 1.4 mounted using adapter bought from the same seller.

Original contents copyright 2010 by Dave A. Andiputra. All Rights Reserved.

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