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just burned my first film, the Lucky 100 I intend to push to 400. it looks like my SS reel has gone bust, after repeated attempt to load it failed, i took it out from the changing bag half way although the light is still out, and change the reel, but the notebook is on, and unfortunately it is enough to burn the whole film (yes i know, only load film in total darkness). my other reel is also defective as the spines has come off at the end, so i’ll have to buy new ones, initially planned to buy from the classifieds at APUG, but it turns out the seller decided to give it away locally. another choice is buying from a local classified ads, there’s one with a tank and two reels.

so what i’ve learnt form this:

1. only load film in total darkness!!!

2. SS reels do get bust

3. always wash your hands after handling chemicals, got a bad eye irritation right now.

ps. oh and the roll got pictures from the Belle & Sebastian concert on it (Damn!)

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