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Kiev Saga pt.1

well i am in the process of buying a Kiev 4A rangefinder from eBay… this will be a first time experience for many different reasons if it goes well. first, it will be the first time i buy something from the internet. two, and from eBay of course. three, it will be my first rangefinder (always wanted one). and four, my first FSU (Former Soviet Union) camera.

at the moment, i even can’t finalized the transaction, as the verification process on PayPal is not finished yet, didn’t think it will be this complicated.

on the other side, reading stories about buying FSU cameras on eBay is actually a kind of gamble, many stories about the unreliability of the FSU cameras, especially when buying them straight from eastern European dealers. having my finger crossed for this one.

will post the continuation of this epic saga…

more info on Kiev 4 cameras
Keith Berry’s very informative site
Matt Denton’s Kiev

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  1. […] room. That thought always linger, but never get realized, until last month when I decided to buy a kiev rangefinder that spark my passion for analog photography. a quick look around on a local classified forum […]

  2. […] 2, 2010 at 5:32 pm today (26 July 2010) is the arrival of my long awaited Kiev 4A. as explained on part 1, this purchase have many first for me, and after 20 day had passed, i was getting worried that will […]

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